Women and Power
International Investment Center has experience in gender research and implemented several grants on women leadership (US Embassy, Netherlands Embassy, Kennan Institute of Russian Studies, USA),including research in US and Russia in women and local politics, as well as production of TV documentaries about participation of women in self-government.

Documentary Description:

Part I
The film begins by asking: what differentiated the American elections in 2004 from the Russian elections, and to what extent were they similar?
A voice over goes on to describe the geographic distribution of votes in the American presidential election, and Aleksander Khodnev, a professor at Yaroslavl Pedagogical University, and current visiting scholar in the Kennan Institute of Russian Studies, Washington,DC notes that the unusual hostility between the two election campaigns and their respective camps stands in striking contrast
to the relatively calmer Russian presidential elections, in which the result was never in doubt. There follows a brief animated sequence depicting both candidates on the campaign trail. Khodnev goes
on to note that the televised presidential debates raised more questions than they answered for many American voters, and that the bin Laden video released before the election probably had a considerable impact on some swing voters.

Senator Diane Allen
of New Jersey said she supported Bush and believes he won the election because of his strong moral values, which she saw John Kerry lacking.
There follows a brief history of the White House, and comments by Professor Sarah Brewer of American University regarding Bush's success in gaining more women's votes. The film
concludes with an electoral distribution map showing Bush's success,and underscores the role
that women and Hispanic Americans played in deciding the election's outcome.

Part II
The second part of the film begins by noting that American democracy has been based on the same Constitution for over 200 years, which is a considerable difference between American and Russian democracy. Law Professor Frank Upham of NYU briefly describes the United States Constitution's formation in its historical context.
Professor Khodnev notes that although presidential voting in America takes place on a weekday, all voters are given an opportunity to vote, even if that means keeping polls open until late at night.
Anna Azarova, a student at American University in Washington DC, discusses how she voted in her home state of New York through absentee voting, which is becoming increasingly more common in America.
Professor Khodnev discusses the importance of Russian-American relations in both American presidential campaigns, and suggests that the war on terror, the recent terrorism tragedies in Russia, and human rights questions will all shape President Bush's stance on Russia in his second term.

Senator Gloria Laulah of Maryland reflects on the Democrats' defeat in 2004, and notes that the Democrats need to look at what they did wrongand start getting ready to fight for the presidency again in 2008.
Professor Alan Lichtman of American University notes that there are some promising factors that could help the Democrats in 2008, but that it is still too early too guess who will win. A voice over notes that while many Democrats are frustrated with the 2004 election results,America has chosen
its President through fair and open elections and the results are respected. That is the most significant victory for American democracy.
The film was broadcasted in 2005.


Resources for women

NGO GLOBAL LINKS AI/WHRP -Amnesty International/Women’s Human Rights Program focuses on promoting women’s human rights within Amnesty's mandate. It seeks to stop the particular violations of civil and political rights that women and girls experience. This website focuses on goals for stopping women’s human rights violations, actions to be taken, campaigns, news, publications, and links to Amnesty International. Available in English and Spanish. http://amnestyusa.org/women/index.html#program

APC/WNSP -Women’s Networking Support Programme, a co-coordinator with IWTC of WomenAction 2000, is a pioneer in bringing women’s networks together over the internet. It focuses on the use of Information Technology as a powerful tool to help build social networks and contribute towards progressive and social change for women. This web-site provides information in research and evaluation, policy and advocacy, training, and online experiences of women accessible in English, French, and Spanish. http://www.gn.apc.org/apcwomen

Aviva. This is a free "Webzine" being run by an international group of feminists based in London. An international women’s magazine, it enables women all over the world to make contact with each other, and acts as a "host" site to women’s groups and services globally. Other services include news, and tutorials. http://www.aviva.org/

AWID -Association for Women in Development, is an international membership organization that connects, informs and mobilizes people and organizations committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and human rights for everyone. AWID works across disciplines, regions and sectors to cause policy, institutional and individual change that will improve the lives of women and girls around the world. http://www.awid.org

BBC/WIWP - British Broadcasting Corporation/Women in World Politics World service web-site features "Getting More women in Power: What It Will Take." This web-site details an eleven point analysis formed through interviews with women in the political arena, and provides information through links to the Beijing Platform for Action, and other women’s organizations focused
on Women in Power & Decision-Making. In addition to a glossary of words related to political issues. http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/people/features/wiwp/dyncon/what.shtml

BRIDGE is a gender development organisation that supports gender mainstreaming efforts by bridging the gaps between theory, policy and practice with accessible gender information. Based out of the United Kingdom, this website provides online gender and economic reports, free paper copies of bulletins, subscription information, glossaries, internet materials, and reviews with information about the Beijing Plus Five process. http://www.ids.ac.uk/bridge/index.html

CEDPA - Centre for Development and Population Activities is a women-focused nonprofit international organization founded in1975. CEDPA's web-site provides information on training programs, workshops, and publications linking reproductive health services and women's empowerment. This web-site focuses on youth as an integral part of the development agenda
set by the organization. http://www.cedpa.org/

CIPE -Center for International Private Enterprise provides an online information service designed to serve as a primary source of information on efforts to promote economic reform, private enterprise, and democratic institutions. An affiliate of USAID and the US Chamber of Commerce, CIPE has a gender focus providing features such as "E-dialogue for women entrepreneurs"; a Conference on "Africa and America: A Gateway for Women in Business"; "Supporting Women Entrepreneurs" and more. Check out their latest collaborative initiatives with national banks, institutes and governments all over the world! http://cipe.org/

CONGO - Conference of Non-governmental Organizations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations Economic and Social Council assists the great variety of non-governmental organizations in consultative status to promote their common aim of supporting the United Nations Charter; works on behalf of non-governmental organizations in consultative status to develop that status and improve their relationship and cooperation with the United Nations and its various organs; and provides a forum for non-governmental organizations with common interests to come together to study, plan, support, and act in relation to the principles and programmes of the United Nations. http://www.conferenceofngos.org/

CWGL - Center for Women's Global Leadership. The Center's programs promote the leadership of women and advance feminist perspectives in policy-making processes in the local, national and international arenas. Since 1990, the Global Center has fostered women's leadership in the area of human rights through women's global leadership institutes, strategic planning activities, international mobilization campaigns, UN monitoring, global education endeavors, publications, and a resource center. http://www.cwgl.rutgers.edu

Cyber-grrl.Inc. provides women with a comprehensive, searchable directory of links to female friendly sites and information on the World Wide Web, with links to nine different regions, and many other women’s sites. http://www.femina.cybergrrl.com

FIRE -Feminist International Radio Endeavour, a ground-breaking women’s media network that began short-wave radio broadcasts from their base in Costa Rica on May 1, 1991 and web-based radio broadcasts on the Internet in May 1998. The site contains both written and broadcast interviews from women worldwide, and is available in Spanish and English. The Real Player programme needed to hear the broadcasts can be downloaded from the site. Definitely worth a visit! Covers Beijing plus Five and all the critical areas of concern from the Beijing Platform for Action as well as other activities of feminists in the region. http://www.fire.or.cr/

Gender, Science and Technology Gateway collaborates with the United Nations on how women can participate in science and technology for development worldwide. You will find out from the gender advisory working groups their recommendation for a global action plan and analysis on gender and formal education, gender and nonformal education/training, and gender and distance learning.
E-resources, expert database, and links to relevant UN sites. http://www.gst.gateway.wigsat.org/

HRW - Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world, standing with victims and activists against discrimination, investigating and exposing human rights violations, challenging governments to end abusive practices, and enlisting support for the cause of human rights for all. This Women’s Rights Division web-site provides information dealing with Women’s Human Rights, breaking news from around the world, campaigns including Beijing Plus Five, publications, research and advocacy, international film festival, and additional resources with links to other human rights web-sites. http://www.hrw.org/about/projects/women.html

HRW -Human Rights Watch provides Reports on Women's Rights. These include "Crime or Custom Violence Against Women in Pakistan", "Violence against Women in Peru's Armed Conflict", "Too Little, Too Late: State Response to Violence Against Women" and many others. http://www.hrw.org/hrw/pubweb/ women.html

HRWeb -Human Rights Web is a web-site dedicated to linking all those seeking to promote human rights to available resources. These include databases, UN sites and documents, email lists and newsgroups, and regional Human Rights organizations in Africa, Asia, Australia and Pacific Islands, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America.http://www.hrweb.org/

Human Rights Internet (HRI) was founded in 1976 and is a world leader in the exchange of information within the worldwide human rights community. HRI communicates by phone, fax, mail and the Internet with more than 5,000 organizations and individuals around the world working for the advancement of human rights. The organization supports the work of the global non-governmental community. The site's search engine pulls up information available on the site as well as other useful internet sites. http://www.hri.ca/

IANSA -International Action Network on Small Arms facilitates NGO action aimed at preventing the proliferation and misuse of small arms. Using a holistic (economic, political, legal and cultural) approach, IANSA’s website is a clearinghouse of news, alerts, resources, and government documents about small arms/light weapons issues.http://www.iansa.org/

ICBL -International Campaign to Ban Landmines accomplishes its mission by monitoring the mine ban treaty, through advocating local and international governments and organizations, acting as a resource center and distributor, and serving as a networking nexus between public and private organizations working on this issue. Invaluable links, cutting edge news articles, original reports and its resource/document centre will make this site one you will visit again and again.http://www.icbl.org/

ICHRDD -International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development has been involved in the defense and promotion of women’s human rights since its inception in 1988. This web-site provides information about programmes in all parts of the world, publications, and links to Women’s Rights web-sites.http://www.ichrdd.ca/111/english/contentsEnglish.html

IFOR- WPP -International Fellowship of Reconciliation-Women Peacemakers Program, seeks to support and empower women peace activists locally and globally. This web-site describes the programme and provides information about nonviolence training for women. In addition, WPP publications are available on-line.http://www.ifor.org/fsub1/fwpp.htm

IFUW -The International Federation of University Women advocates to national governments and international organizations that education better girls and women’s lives. Because IFUW’s web of international affiliations is extensive, their web page is particularly useful for finding out about other organizations with common interests, international conferences and fellowships, IFUW’s study and action programme, and the latest news in global advocacy for women and education.http://www.ifuw.org/

IHRLG/WRAP - International Human Rights Law Group/Women's Rights Advocacy Program works to strengthen the capacity of women's groups by disseminating information and providing training in using human rights language and international human rights standards to advocate effectively for women's human rights. WRAP collaborates with women's groups at local, national, regional and international levels and links them with groups working on similar issues, thereby ensuring the progressive strengthening of national mechanisms to hold governments accountable.WRAP@hrlawgroup.org

IIAV - International Information Service and Archives of the Women’s Movement which includes international, national and local women’s information, women’s documentation and research centres connected to various universities, gender-specific information sections connected to governmental organizations, resource centres in which women’s information is collected, and a wide range of women’s magazines, radio or TV programmes, which function as a focal point for distributing information in countries where the women’s movement is in its early stages. This web-site also includes links to other women’s sites.http://iiav.nl//

IISD -Linkages - International Institute for Sustainable Development, is an electronic clearinghouse for information invaluable to any policy maker or activist working in the field of environment and/or development. This website is an ocean of multimedia resources broken down into regional work and sectoral work in the sustainable development field. It contains archives of journals, an impressive directory of key organizations, subscriptions to e-zines, international documents, calendar of international conferences, video clips of ongoing negotiation processes and more. Add this to your favorites! http://www.iisd.ca/linkages/index.htm

International IDEA, the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, focuses on the quantitative and qualitative impact of women on political decision-making. This web-site provides an extensive array of links, news, and publications, including their book, "Women in Parliament: Beyond Numbers." IDEA provides a forum of interaction and exchange of experience among a variety of global actors involved in the promotion of democracy. http://www.idea.int/women

IPU -Inter-Parliamentary Union is the world organization of parliaments of sovereign states, established in 1889. This web-site contains updated, and detailed analysis of women in politics. It provides a bibliographic database about women in politics, women parliamentarians, and follow-ups to the Beijing Conference, in addition to invaluable links, publications, which include their most recent book, "Politics: Women’s Insight," press releases, and monthly journals available in English and French. http://www.ipu.org/

Isis International/Manila, Philippines, is an international feminist NGO dedicated to women’s information and communication needs, focusing on advancing women’s rights, leadership and empowerment in Asia and the Pacific. This website is an invaluable resource for women on the net, advocacy, and publications. It also includes a resource center, archive, and links to sister organizations. http://www.isiswomen.org/organization/index.html

Isis-WICCE -Isis Women's International Cross Cultural Exchange is an action oriented exchange programme and women's resource centre based in Kampala, Uganda. Currently, the focus of activities is on Women’s Voices in War and the web-site has a special section dedicated to this important issue. Also included ar sections on the Exchange Programme, the Publications Programme and the Information and Documentation programme.http://www.isis.or.ug/

IWRAW -International Women’s Rights Action Watch was organized in 1985 at the world conference of women in Nairobi, Kenya to monitor the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). This web-site provides information concerning women’s human rights, publications, NGO Shadow Reports, and Beijing Plus Five. http://www.igc.org/iwraw

IWTC -International Women’s Tribune Centre, an international, non-governmental organization, supports the initiatives of women in the Global South (i.e. Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America/Caribbean, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Central Asia) who are working to promote the more equitable and active participation of women in the development plans and policies of their countries. This web-site, officialy launched on November 20, 2000, features information resources ranging from materials and resources for the monitoring of the Beijing Platform of Action to the most recent issues of the IWTC Women’s GlobalNet, Preview 2000, and IWTC manuals and community action guides on women and development issues. These include "Rights of Women" and "Women! Policy! Action!" Also included are lists of UN, global and regional web-sites of relevance to women and development issues.http://www.iwtc.org/

MADRE is an international women’s human rights organisation that works in partnership with women’s community-based groups to address issues of health, economic development and other human rights. MADRE provides resources, training and support to sister organizations. This website contains information on MADRE ís worldwide programs, mission, human rights laws, and campaigns. Available in English and Spanish.http://www.madre.org/buttons.htm!)

PDHRE - People’s Decade of Human Rights Education has dedicated this web-site to human rights learning for social and economic change. Human rights of women are organized into the Beijing Platform for Action’s Critical Areas of concern. This web-site provides information including CEDAW, the Beijing Platform for Action, publications, conventions, and small grants for Human Rights Seminars. http://www.pdhre.org/rights/ women.html

PGA -Parliamentarians for Global Action’s web-site promotes women’s full participation in political decision-making spheres by providing information on women Legislators in Action, workshops, and an Internet project titled, Women In Legislation League (WILL). WILL is an online legislative information resource center to disseminate and monitor country commitments to the twelve critical areas of concern identified in the Beijing Platform for Action. http://www.pgaction.org/

Prolead, launched by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), in 1995, focuses on building women leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean. This website provides information available both in English and Spanish linking grants and training programs, publications, online resources, and other linkages promoting women’s participation and leadership worldwide. http://www.iadb.org/sds/prolead

SERRV -Sales Exchange for Refugee Rehabilitation Vocation International markets on line, in stores, and by catalogue crafts by low-income artisans in 35 developing countries. SERRV advances as much as 50% of the final price to artisans to purchase raw materials while paying partners fair prices within the context of the local economy. This service provides tens of thousands of artisans with supplemental or total income. For any occasion or gift, we invite you to visit SERRV ‘s website to find hand-made crafts from all corners of the world while making a contribution to artisans’ livelihoods. http://www.serrv.org/

SIGI -Sisterhood Is Global Institute is an international non-governmental, non-profit organization that works toward empowering women and developing leadership through human rights education. SIGI’s network of more than 1300 individuals in 70 countries, supports and promotes women’s rights at the local, national, regional, and global levels. SIGI’s web-site provides specific resources for human rights education, including manuals, training guides, publications, newsletters, events, and action alerts. http://www.sigi.org/

Social Watch is an NGO watchdog that monitors government commitments made at the World Summit for Social Development (WSSD) and the Beijing World Conference on Women to erase poverty and achieve gender equity. A facilitator of NGO networking, Social Watch publishes and disseminates NGOs’ reports on poverty, employment, social integration, gender equity, structural adjustment and more. An information well, use this website to find practically anything pertaining to the WSSD and Beijing conference and review, relevant UN news, current trends and assessments on social policy issues, and NGO initiatives and findings worldwide. This website is indispensable for anyone using the WSSD and Beijing Platforms in their work! http://www.socwatch.org.uy/

The Women Waging Peace website provides information about the essential role and contribution of women in preventing violent conflict, stopping war, reconstructing ravaged societies, and sustaining peace in fragile areas around the world. http://www.womenwagingpeace.net/

WEDO -Women’s Environment and Development Organization is an international advocacy network actively working to transform society to achieve a healthy and peaceful planet with social, political, economic and environmental justice for all through the empowerment of women, in all their diversity, and their equal participation with men in decision-making from grassroots to global arenas. http://www.wedo.org/

WEED -Women, Environment, Education and Development Foundation, with WNHE - Women’s Network on Health and the Environment, WE -Women and Environments, has developed this International Magazine as a one-of-a-kind journal that examines women’s relationships to their environments social, natural, physical--from a woman-centered perspective. Past issues have covered: ecology, environmental activism, child-care, recreation, community development and planning, urban and rural agriculture etc. Archives are accessible. http://www.web.net/~weed/

WFS -Women’s Feature Service is a news-feature service that reports from 40 countries in all regions of the world. WFS's network of women journalists produces approximately 400 articles a year, written from a women's perspective, with a special focus on developing countries. This website contains recent articles and news from different parts of the world. http://www.igc.org/wfs

WICEJ - Women's International Coalition for Economic Justice, is an international coalition representing 32 organizations from all regions of the globe. WICEJ works to link gender and macro-economic policy in international inter-governmental policy-making arenas. They utilize an integrated feminist analysis which links the multiplicity of systems that oppress women and recognizes the diversity of women’s experience by race, ethnicity, class, national origin, citizenship status and other factors. The website features WICEJ's Declaration for Economic Justice and Women's Empowerment and activities related to Beijing+5. Updates will include links to WICEJ organizations and WICEJ contributions to the World Conference Against Racism, Financing for Development, and the Commission on the Status of Women 2001. http://www.wicej.org/

WIEGO -Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing is a worldwide coalition of institutions and individuals concerned with improving the status of women in the informal sector of the economy through better statistics, research, programmes and policies. The site has the Programme of Action as well as a list of publications. http://www.wiego.org/

WILPF -Women's International League for Peace and Freedom was established in 1915 to eradicate the economic, political, social and psychological causes of war and to work for the elimination of the root causes of war and conflict. Having a long history of working on total and universal disarmament WILPF's UN Office launched the Reaching Critical Will project. http://www.wilpf.int.ch/

WILPF/UN - Reaching Critical Will was set up to foster international NGO preparation for and participation in the 2000 Review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The web-site also provides organizing tools such as a message board and chat rink, an events calendar, NGO contacts, governmental disarmament contacts, factsheets and outreach materials. http://www.reachingcriticalwill.org/

WINGS -Women’s International News Gathering Service is an independent radio production company that produces and distributes news and current affairs programs by and about women around the world. Activities include conference recording, audio productions, consulting and training, and women’s news hour. http://www.wings.org/

WLDI -Women, Law and Development International works with its global partners to identify legal, cultural and economic impediments to women's enjoyment of human rights, to propose targeted approaches, to develop activist strategies, and to train women's groups to advocate before UN and governmental bodies for policies that recognize women's rights. The site includes online programme and manual descriptions. http://www.wld.org/

WLP -Women's Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace, is an international, publicly supported, non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to empowering women through dialogue, choice, and participation to restructure their roles and to improve their status in their families, communities and societies. WLP creates culture-specific educational publications, and multi-media programs for radio, video/television, CD-ROM and the Internet. http://www.learningpartnership.org/

WOF -Women’s Opportunity Fund provides loans and training to poor women in developing countries designed to aid them in starting micro-businesses. The website shares client stories as well as information on how to apply. http://www.opportunity.org/wof/default.htm

Women, Ink. is a project of IWTC that markets and disseminates women and development publications by, for and about women. The site highlights the Women, Ink. catalogue of over 250 titles from 70+ publishers, several of which are published in the Global South. http://www.womenink.org/

Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND) is a grassroots, US organization with members in all fifty states which seeks to empower women to act politically, to reduce militarism and violence and to redirect excessive military resources toward human and environmental needs. The website offers women a number of opportunities to take action in the fields of disarmament and women's empowerment. http://www.wand.org/

WomenAction 2000 is a global information, communication, and media network that enables NGOs to actively engage in the Beijing Plus Five review process with a long term goal of women’s empowerment, and a special focus on women and media. This web-site provides links to women’s regional sites in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe/N. America, L. America/Caribbean, Arab Region, focusing on Beijing Plus Five. Available in English, French, and Spanish. http://www.womenaction.org/

Women's Caucus for Gender Justice, formed in the spring of l997,built upon the recognition that women's human rights are human rights and the call for accountability for violations and integration of gender concerns throughout the UN human rights system. The Caucus was successful in incorporating a broad range of gender concerns in the statute of the ICC, which was adopted at the Rome Treaty Conference in July 1998. It also monitors the Optional Protocol to the Women's Convention, CEDAW, so that women around the world will have access to remedies to violations of women's human rights. http://www.iccwomen.org/

Women's Human Rights Net offers a good general introduction to issues including: civil and political rights; economic, social and cultural rights; education; equality; economicand non-discrimination; environment; family; freedom of association and assembly; health; human rights defenders; rights of indigenous people; migrants; older women; poverty and the right to development; racism and minority rights; refugees and the internally displaced; religion and fundamentalism; reproductive rights; rights of girls; sexual rights; trafficking; violence against women; war and armed conflict; women with disabilities; work and employment; access to ICTs. http://www.whrnet.org/

Women's Human Rights Resources/Bora Laskin Law Library/University of Toronto, has internet links on the topic of women's human rights to make it easier to locate substantive research on the Internet. The links are divided into categories and include annotated bibliographic references to scholarly articles, annotated references to conventions and UN Reports, NGO reports, case law and legislation (all with links to full text where available), and links to other web-sites with annotations. http://www.law-lib.utoronto.ca/diana/

Working Group on Girls of the NGO Committee on UNICEF is a coalition of over 80 International and national NGOs working in more than 100 countries at the grassroots level. Their website provides information about activities to promote girls’ rights, networking, and advocacy. Under the section "Working Groups on Girls" you can review the remarks of girls who attended the 1998 CSW, where girls testified before the United Nations for the first time. http://www.girlsrights.org/

World Education, with field offices in 15 countries, provides training and technical assistance in nonformal education (especially in literacy, health education, refugee orientation, and small enterprise development) to the poor. You will find on this web page descriptions and links to websites about their current innovative projects being implemented throughout five continents. http://www.worlded.org/

WorldEnable is an international consortium of experts in various fields providing advocacy and training in Internet Accessibility. This web-site provides information, links, contacts, and addresses for regional associations for women with disabilities. These regions include Africa, Asia Pacific, Caribbean, Europe, North and South America. http://www.worldenable.net/women/ resources.htm

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership. This page is dedicated to the women who have ruled the world since the beginning of times, and provides a timeline for the progress of women as leaders. The link to "What Is New," provides updates on women recently elected into positions as leaders. http://hjem.get2net.dk/Womeningovernments

WRI -World Resources Institute views and combats global environmental problems through a holistic lens. Their dynamic and innovative programs target governments and businesses, natural resource use and conservation, economic development and social equity, and capacity building and institutional change. A wide array of multimedia resources and original research reports are available, including their reputable annual World Resources Report, about each region of the world and each environmental sector. Great as a reference site to maps and indicators, international documents, and country by country initiatives. In English and Spanish. http://www.wri.org/wri

WRI/WWG -War Resisters International Women’s Working Group, recognizing the connections between war and violence against women, has formed a women’s working group that publishes a twice-yearly magazine, "WRI Women". Recent issues of this magazine are available at this site. http://www.gn.apc.org/warresisters/news/wriwomen.htm

WWB -Women’s World Banking is a women-led global network that was organized in 1975 with the vision of providing economic access through credit to poor women. WWB network members currently provide micro-finance to over 10 million poor women. A network of over 50 affiliate organizations spreading over 40 countries provides women access to financing, information and markets. WWB accomplishes this goal through education and training programmes, networking clients with available resources, and conducting research/publications of best practices. In English and Spanish. http://www.womensworldbanking.org/
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