Quadrennial Report 2010

        IIC Quadrennial Report  2006-2009

 prepared and submitted to the United Nations (23/05/2010)

Part 1

* Introduction: 

NGO International Investment Center (abbreviated - IIC), is a nonprofit organization, based on membership. 

IIC is active in the Russian Federation, Newly Independent States, European Union Countries and the United States of America. 

The Center is a voluntary public association; it is not based on earning a profit, and does not distribute its profits among its constituents or members.  

In carrying out its goals IIC follows the principles set forth by Universal Declaration of

Human Rights, international law, Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws concerning social organizations, all other relevant laws and acts of the Russian Federation, and regulations set in its Charters. 

IIC’s activity is based on the principles of volunteering, equal rights, self-government and lawfulness. 

* Aims and purposes of the organization and its main course of action: 

The Center’s goals are as follows:

-securing the sustainable economic and democratic development of society based on mutually beneficial cooperation;

- assisting in the development of small and medium-sized business, including the promotion of international economic connections;

-assisting in the protection of human rights;

- assisting in the development of education;

- assisting the United Nations in fulfilling its programs. 

For achieving the Center’s stated goals, its primary tasks are: 

- supporting small business internationalization;

-assisting in implementation of finance programs for small and medium-sized businesses;

-supporting educational programs for women empowerment;

-assisting in the development of programs for new technologies, especially information and communications;

-distribution of information about UN activities;

-providing expert opinions and consultations on social/public matters.


Part II

* Contribution of the organization to the work of the United Nations:

IIC considers volunteerism development one of the cornerstones and most important principles of the United Nations Organization. That is why in 2008-2009 organization had participated in UNDP/UNV study "The State of Volunteerism in Southeast Europe and CIS “, and actively promoted volunteerism in Russia: participation in the public hearings in the Public Chamber of Russia and  lobbying national legislation about volunteerism (June, 2009), participation in briefings in “Interfax”, leading Russian  Information Agency (April, 2009), participating in International Youth Volunteer Forum (Perm, Russia, December 2009), support of establishment of  Regional Volunteerism Development Center (Russia, 2009) and  celebrated International Volunteer Day (December 5, 2008 and 2009).

* Participation to the United Nations:

2006: Representatives attended

1)CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM 2006 TO THE ECOSOC HIGH-LEVEL SEGMENT “Creating an environment at the national and international levels conducive to generating full and productive employment and decent work for all, and its impact on sustainable development” (29-30 June 2006, Geneva)

2)First Session of the Human Rights Council, 30 June -10 July 2006, Geneva

3)Third Session of the Human Rights Council, 29 November - 8 December,2006,Geneva 

2007: Representatives attended

1)11th session of the UNCTAD Commission on Investment, Technology and Related Financial Issues, from 8 to 14 March 2007, Geneva

2)4th session of the Human Rights Council, 12 March to 5 April 2007, Geneva 

2008: Representatives attended

1) 7th session of the Human Rights Council ,3 March – 28 March 2008, Geneva

2) 8th session of the HRC, 2 June– 18 June 2008, Geneva

3) UNECE First Session of the Team of Specialists on Public-Private Partnership,28-29 February 2008, Geneva 

4) UNECE International Conference “Taking Public-Private Partnerships forward: New Opportunities for Infrastructure Development in Transition Economies”, 21-22 October 2008, Moscow, Russian Federation

5) Participation in the round-table meeting and discussion, held in Moscow (November 6, 2008) in the Federation Council of Russia (Upper Chamber of Russian Parliament) on the interaction of non-profit organizations in Russia with ECOSOC UN. The meeting was attended by Head of UN NGO Department Hanifa Mezoui.

6)UNECE Third Session of the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Integration (CECI), December 3-5,2008,  Geneva

2009: Representatives attended

1) United Nations World Conference Against Racism (WCAR), also known as Durban II, April 20-24, 2009. Geneva

2) UN ECOSOC Annual Ministerial Review (AMR) High-Level segment, “Implementing the internationally agreed goals and commitments in regard to global public health.”, 6-9 July, 2009

3) Fourth Annual Session of the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Integration (CECI), 28-30 September,2009

4) UNECE Second Session of the Team of Specialists on PPPs, December 3-4,2009, Geneva 

* Cooperation with United Nations bodies: 

1)      Collaboration with UNECE in Multiplier Point Program (distribution of information about UNECE activities), 2006-2009

2)      Project in collaboration with UNV/UNDP in preparation of research paper “Russia regional report for "The State of Volunteerism in Southeast Europe and CIS “, in Russian Federation, 2008-2009.

3)      Project in collaboration with UNDP  Global Inclusive Market Programme (GIM) in preparation of research paper “Banking the Unbanked in Remote Areas of Russia “, 2009.

4)      Technical assistance to UNDP in preparation of  “Synergia” Business Forum in Athens, Greece, (October 15, 2009) within the frames of the Black Sea Trade and Investment Promotion Program (BSTIP). 

* Initiatives taken by the organization in support of the MDGs:

IIC contributed to the MDGs in Russia, Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Belgium. Major actions undertaken were the following: 

Goal 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger .Target 2: Achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all, including women and young people. ACTIONS: implementation of “Young Talents” program, providing training in arts and crafts for young rural people and unemployed low-income women (home-based work). More than 50 people trained in craftsmanship, design and e-commerce (Central Russia regions). Conducted research on the peacebuilding and economic recovery after conflict situation between Ossetian and Ingush population in North Ossetia (Russia, 2009), implemented by USA-based organization “World Vision”. 

Goal 3.Promote gender equality and empower women. ACTIONS: conducted seminars “Women Leadership” in small cities of Central Russia regions (November 1, 2006 and December 26, 2006 – more than 100 people attended), published 2 articles “Women in politics: the gender dimension of quality of life” and “International Legal Aspects of  Women Rights Defense in the Context of Russian Politics” in brochure “Improved quality of life, the crucial issue in Russian Federation” (Moscow, 2006). 

Goal 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Target 2: Achieve, by 2010, universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS for all those who need it. ACTIONS: promotion HIV/AIDS  treatment programs by providing children artworks to be printed on postal cards for World AIDS Day exhibition (Netherland and Belgium, 2009) and supporting creation of “Peer Education in HIV Programs” e-learning courses together with AIDS Foundation East-West (Netherlands), 2009.


Goal 7.  Ensure environmental sustainability. ACTIONS: Promoting UNICEF (Tokyo Office) and UNEP (Switzerland) children's drawing competitions, devoted to the environment protection and climate change (information dissemination on the territory of several regions of Russia, collection and selection of drawings, delivery of drawings to Tokyo (2006, 2007) and Geneva (2008). IIC had received 3000 drawings, 300 drawings were submitted for the UNEP and UNICEF competitions and 4 submissions had won the prizes.

 Goal 8. Develop global partnership for development. Target 5: In cooperation with the private sector, make available benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications. ACTIONS: in cooperation with the Russian/German private sector took part in promotion of web-portal for communication of disabled people www.bezgraniz.rcom (2009). Implemented e-commerce program for small business internationalization together with the Veneto Chamber of Commerce (Italy), 2008-2009.



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