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Academic Mobility

Academic mobility - one of the priorities of the international activities of IIC. Academic mobility is one of the most important elements of lifelong education and an important means of increasing employment and its adaptation to a changing world. Mobility provides an opportunity for teachers, young scientists and graduate students to continue their education or acquire research experience abroad through participation in educational or research programs.

The aim of the program is to increase academic mobility of quality education, strengthening cooperation in science, education of new generation capacity to work effectively in today's international community.

Academic mobility programs implemented in accordance with the agreements between the IIC, partner universities, the Association of Russian and foreign universities, agreements with international companies, foundations and other organizations. It is necessary, in order to increase the effectiveness of professional graduates that there was a close relationship between the university, professional and business environment.

The organization of this work is carried out by the Centre for Foreign Investment in the following areas:

The information base of the funds, programs, grants to support academic mobility.

Development and implementation of programs of academic mobility by orders of universities.

IIC conducts its own conference abroad since 2010 with an invitation to participate in them representatives of the universities, scientific, public, government and commercial organizations. The conference was held at the United Nations, CERN and other international organizations. IIC also forms delegations to UN conferences.

Over this period in IIC conferences abroad attended by over 200 students, young scientists and representatives of universities.

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