IIC People

   Andrey I. Generalov, IIC President, is former Member of Russian Parliament (Committee of Defense), expert of UNECE, Member of the International Federation of Journalists.

   Olga V. Generalova-Kutuzova
,  IIC Director, was a Hubert H.Humphrey Fellow (The American University, Washington, D.C.) in 1994-95 and was included in the Roster of Experts of the United Nations     Economic Development Programme (UNDP). She had an internship in the Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the US Congress and had served as the  Russian regional representative of the US Department of Commerce, expert of UNECE.

   Alexander P. Aulov, IIC Board of Directors, is former Member of Russian Parliament         (Committe of International Relations), adviser to Member of  the State Duma (Parliament) of RF, Ph.D. 


    Olga E.Kononenko,  IIC Auditor.


     Sergey F.Vikulov,  Ph.D. (Economy), Professor, Head of  IIC Financial Analytic Department

*** Ivan Y. Brink, PhD , IIC representative in South Federal District of Russia, expert of Energoefficiency Committee of ECE UN

   Sergey V. Lesin,  IIC Member of the Board of Directors, Head of IIC Innovation Department


    Svetlana P.Davydova, IIC Representative in the North-Caucasus Federal Dostrict of Russia

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mob.phone +7(916)276-36-71
e-mail: andrey.generalov@gmail.com
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e-mail: andrey.generalov@gmail.com
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